Ellie Goulding's Neardeath Experience

Ellie Goulding narrowly escaped death in a recent trip to Norway following the vehicle she was travelling in plunged right into a freezing lake, almost trapping her underwater.
The British pop Lost and found star what food was in Europe recently (Jan16) if the all-terrain vehicle she was being transported in suffered a huge technical issue in the midst of extreme climate conditions.
Photographer Conor McDonnell, who's been documenting the singer's shows traveling, first shared the scary tale on Instagram.com on Monday (25Jan16), when he posted a breeze of their submerged vehicle in the heart of a frozen lake - and revealed they might have died when they hadn't climbed outside the sunroof.
"This photo originates from when we were in Norway a month ago," Conor explained. "That moment if you are in -25 (degrees) in the heart of nowhere in Norway within the pitch black along with your belt wagon crashes with the ice during a lake along with to emergency evacuate throughout the roof.
"'Oh s**t we're in' was my first though (thought). Second were to take photos. We were inside the front cabin. That is just about under water within this photo. A few minutes later that it was all completely gone underneath the water and ice once and for all."
Ellie later shared exactly the same image on her behalf Instagram page, and captioned it, "Throwback to a month ago when myself and @conormcdphoto nearly finished up in a lake in -30... Note to self don't drive a BV206 spanning a frozen lake".
The singer hasn't allow incident put her off travelling - she's back while travelling after starting off her Delirium World Tour in Hamburg, Germany a couple weeks ago (21Jan16).